VIU Awarded 2017 Men's Soccer Nationals

By Dan Marshall
June 7, 2016 - 11:46am Updated: July 29, 2016 - 4:37pm

Vancouver Island University has been awarded the CCAA Men's Soccer Nationals in 2017.

VIU spokesman Brent Dunlop says Athletic Director Bruce Hunter has been the driving force behind the event, and now that they have it, there's alot to do.

“Bruce  has been working on it,” said Dunlop. “Putting all the pieces together and already the planning has started.  It's going to be required that we have some team rooms there, big VIP tents put up, possibly even some more seating brought in to bring that place (Merle Logan Field) up to standard.”

Dunlop says Merle Logan Field will be the site for all 14 matches.

“You're looking at a total eight teams involved, and those people coming to town with their entourage.  It's a lot of people and a lot of dollars.  Next phase is planning and going ahead and getting all of the funding in place.”

The Mariners are hoping to host the Women's Soccer Nationals in 2018.

In 2015 VIU was the site for the CCAA Badminton Nationals.

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