Hall of Famer Alomar coming to Nanaimo

By Dan Marshall
June 22, 2016 - 11:49am

One of the most famous names in Toronto Blue Jays' history is coming to Nanaimo.

Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar will be headlining a charity event put on by Nanaimo Minor Baseball on July 11th.

Alomar, who will be joined by his father Sandy and other Blue Jays alumni Lloyd Moseby and Duane Ward, is hoping to inspire kids to succeed in baseball.

“Don't ever give up on your dream, doesn't matter if it's in baseball or anything else,” said Alomar.

“We were kids just like them, I fulfilled my dream just believing in the talent that I had, but I needed support from my family. It's always nice to meet the parents, it's about telling the kids if you want to succeed in this game or in life, you have to believe in yourself.”

Alomar says baseball fans all across the country have given a lot to him and now he's trying to give something back. He says he's exciting about his travelling companions as well.

“Moseby was one of the greatest center fielders the organization has had, Duane Ward played with me, he was one of the best pitchers we had. And my dad, he has a lot of knowledge about this game, he taught me everything that I know.”

Alomar says he's been to Nanaimo before, and he's proud to be recognized all over Canada for his career with the Blue Jays.

Details on the event and ticket information is available at baseballnanaimo.com.

Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards gives $2500 to local athletes