Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards gives $2500 to local athletes

By Dan Marshall
June 23, 2016 - 12:30pm

The Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards has presented five local athletes with $500 each in financial assistance.

Long Distance Runner Erin Burrett says this money will help her with her travel schedule, and hopefully a trip to the World Championships.

“It means alot, I've got some pretty big goals coming up.  Training for going after the world standard in October probably in Toronto.  So this will actually help me be cause I need to go to Arizona before that,” said Burrett.

Lawn Bowler Hirendra Bhartu says getting practice time is challenging because he has to travel to do it.

“I'm competing at the Indoor Nationals in Vancouver in November,” explains Bhartu. “The only indoor court on the Island is in Qualicum so I travel to Qualicum to practice and then a couple of trips to Vancouver to practice at the actual venue.”

The other recipients were Adin Brenner for Gymnastics, Braxton Clark for Judo, and Weightlifter Raf Korkowski.


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