Clippers name Dustin Donaghy new Assistant Coach

By Dan Marshall
August 3, 2016 - 7:54pm

The Nanaimo Clippers have a new Assistant Coach.
Former BCHLer Dustin Donaghy will replace Blake Clement, who leaves the team after two seasons with the Clippers to explore opportunities outside the game.
Donaghy has been a coach with Complete Hockey Academy in 2014-15 and coached the U-16 Varsity team in Coeur d'Alene Idaho in 2015-16.
Before that Donaghy had a five year pro career and had Junior stops in Penticton in the BCHL and Spokane and Lethbridge in the WHL.
Clippers coach Mike Vandekamp believes Donaghy's extensive Junior experience as a player will help him as as a coach.
"The more I talked to Dustin the more I realized he was going to be exactly what we were looking for in this position," said Vandekamp. "He's a very committed hard working guy.
He wants to learn and yet he brings alot of playing experience to the table. He was a national champion in 2008 winning the Memorial Cup, which is one of the best prizes you can win in hockey and he was a big part of that.
His make up as a player as being a real character guy and a team guy first is quite often the type of person that ends up being a good coach as well."
Vandekamp acknowledges he had a special relationship with former assistant Blake Clement, but he sees alot of similarities in Donaghy.
"We had a template in mind in what we were looking for to replace Blake.  Moving forward I had my eyes open looking for someone as similar to that as we could find.  Just in a general make up from the standpoint of age not nessarily having a huge long resume in coaching. 
That wasn't really what we were looking for as much as coming out of the playing background.  Having the right type of character and make up as a person, Dustin just fit all those things."
Donaghy will arrive in Nanaimo before the beginning of training camp the third week of August.

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