5 Things to Expect at the Nanaimo Mysteries Exhibit

By Nanaimo Museum
April 3, 2019 - 9:09am Updated: April 5, 2019 - 11:05am

NANAIMO – Murder! Scandal! Myths!

The Harbour City is filled with many mysteries and there’s no better way to explore them than at the latest Nanaimo Museum Exhibit, Nanaimo Mysteries.

Learn all about Nanaimo’s spookiest and juiciest mysteries. Here are 5 things you can expect from the exhibit!


1. Corpse Pose

Take a #CorpsePoseNM Selfie in the chalked outline on the floor. Share with all your friends on Instagram and Facebook. Hopefully you don’t scare your family!

2. Learn about Haunted Nanaimo

Read all about the historical infamous stories about haunted places in Nanaimo. Through first person narratives, live their ghostly experiences in places such as Nanaimo Museum, the Bastion and more! Maybe it’s in places closer to you than you expected!

3. See Nanaimo’s historical Red Light District

That’s right, Nanaimo had an active red light district. Take a look at the map and read about historical profiles of people involved in this part of Nanaimo’s history.

4. Step in someone else’s footprints

Stand on the spot right where a Museum Staff member stood when she saw a ghost in the Museum one morning (if you dare, of course). Plus, follow the footprints in the Nanaimo Mysteries exhibit to be taken on one route throughout the feature gallery that trail off into mystery.

5. Visit the Giftshop

Can’t get enough mysteries? Don’t forget to take a look at the Gift Shop’s Nanaimo Mysteries Featured books. You’ll find books like Blood, Sweat and Fear by Eve Lazarus, The Haunting of Vancouver Island by Shanon Sinn, Brother XII by John Oliphant, Vancouver Island Scoundrels, Eccentrics and Originals by Stephen Ruttan and more!

Visit the Nanaimo Mysteries Exhibit.

So, if you’re feeling brave and adventurous, take a journey into Nanaimo’s spooky past at the Nanaimo Museum. The “Nanaimo Mysteries” Exhibit appears at the Nanaimo Museum from February 16th to September 2nd, 2019. For more information, check out Nanaimo Museum


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